Shout-out to the awesome people of Otakon: Part 5

Dreamworks PJ party 

Where cosplayers went to color, eat sweets, play games such as Truth-or-Dare, Twister, Telephone, and Spin-the-Bottle. Just basically hang out and relax I didn’t get as many pictures as I would’ve liked, I kinda forgot about my camera most of the time ;u ;

Jack Frost (with glasses): qwopisinthemailbox

FancyParty!Jack: blu667

FancyParty!Sandy: areyouokaypanda

FancyParty!Tooth: lotusblossom7

Hiccup: me

If any of these are you and would like to be tagged/credited, just drop me a line~ 

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    look at me as jack! i still look so derpy, but dang if i didn’t have so much fun~….never got to use that snow in my...
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